Our Logo


Logo selection for Chinese Jews.

Now that we have expanded our interest and coverage to all Jews in China, we have correspondently changed our name and our logo.

The very first one is what we went with, all the others are the versions that we came up with but ultimately did not pick.

Our final choice: inside the blue David Star is the red Chinese word 中 which stands for the Middle Kingdom, or China, the gradual transition of colour symbolises the impossibility of dividing the identity of the Chinese Jews, for they are neither Jewish nor Chinese, they are both.


Logo selection for Kaifeng Jews Matter.

We have used this logo for so long, even though we are no longer using the name or the logo now, we like to keep the logo choices here, for memories’ sake.

This logo was created with our mission and the Kaifeng Jews' identity in mind: embedded into the Star of David is the Chinese word for China, 中, which represents the merger of these two ancient civilisations and people; the colour scheme is based on that of the Israeli flag.

Many versions of the logos were created, the one we ultimately picked is the first one on the list — it captured the essence of what we do — bold and impactful.